About Us

We are a mother and daughter team running a fresh-cut, heirloom flower farm in Suttons Bay, Michigan on the same land our family has gardened on for over 100 yrs! We focus on specialty varieties and colors that are often hard to find!

Our flowers are available at local farmer's market and our farm stand. We can provide weddings flower buckets, specialty orders, and DIY events upon request! Make sure to sign-up for the newsletter to know when these are available for purchase on the website!

"Gardening is the memory of a hundred generations of women bending to the earth." - Unknown

History of the farm

Our name comes from Bay, who’s nicknamed after Auntie. The story goes that Auntie Elizabeth (Bay's real name) was called Bay by her husband. He was originally from Canada and Bay was a term of endearment. When Elizabeth (or Bay) was born she instantly became Bay. Confusing I know! Auntie was the first in the family to tend to the gardens and farm. And Meadow comes from the sunny spot Margo grows the flowers. She tends to the land by hand and cuts each flower right as the flower is perfect!

We are the 5th generations of farmers have been growing on the same land since the early 1900s when Auntie Elizabeth (who Bay is named after) and her husband Daniel moved onto the farm. They grew apples, cherries, or berries, and Auntie always kept a beautiful garden. Throughout the years, each generation has used the land in different ways. Our family has always been growers at heart. We love the region and what it stands for. Intentional living, connecting with family, hard work, and handmade/grow products.


Margo Behler


I am a grower at heart. No matter where I moved throughout life, I have always grown flowers or plants. I have what others would call a green thumb and I always felt at home. This land has a special meaning as it connects me to my family and roots. It is my way of relaxing as I move among the flowers and buzzing bees. My favorite moment of the day is deadheading as the sun goes down while my dogs run through the field, and then going to swim in lake Michigan with them and my daughter! I hope to continue to grow my farm and pass down a love for growing to more generations of my family.

Bay Nordstrom


I had always dreamed of slowing down and following in my family's footsteps. I worked with my grandpa for years on the cherry farm and watched my mom cultivate the most stunning gardens. My favorite memories include flowers whether it was the bouquets my dad gave me every year at my ballet recitals or planning the flowers for my wedding held on the farmhouse on the property. At Bay Meadow Farms, I help my mother in the gardens, and I also focus on all things business and branding! As a Virgo, I have always been analytical, organized, but also creative. I worked in fashion as a merchandiser and am a 5th-grade literacy teacher. My dream is to watch my kids run through the flower field chasing Winnie, the best Dachshund ever!